Generational Workshop Series Debuts Tomorrow!

Leadership Southern Indiana’s Alumni Council presents “They Drive Me Crazy!”, a 4-part generational workshop series that was developed to bridge generational gaps to strengthen the community and workplace! Individual sessions are available for $35, while the entire series is $100/person–both rates include lunch! Register here!

Jan 24 – Bridging Generational Gaps Kickoff Keynote

Millennials (workers under 36) are now the largest generational group in the workforce, and they’ll outnumber the Boomers and GenXers altogether by 2020. In this session, Cara Silletto, MBA, will share a unique perspective on the Millennial mindset, because she IS one! Silletto serves as a Millennial mediator and voice of the new workforce explaining the evolution of employee expectations over time, and how great leaders are adjusting their management styles to improve employee retention.

Silletto was named a “Game Changer” by Workforce magazine for her innovative approach to bridging generational gaps in the workplace. Her first-hand stories about the issues on the T.A.B.L.E. (technology, authority, balance, loyalty and entitlement) fuel an eye-opening discussion about which traditional business principles need a revamp for today’s changing workplace. This session is a must-see for organizations who need to retain the talent they can’t afford to lose and leaders who need to better understand those around them.

Jan 31 – Communicating Across Generations

Do you prefer email, text, phone or face-to-face? Not everyone agrees! And as more communication channels emerge over time, the more challenging it becomes to reach one another in an effective way. Generational gaps are widening in the workplace, so it’s critical to not only understand different viewpoints, but also understand how everyone sends and receives messages in order to get the entire team on the same page to avoid costly miscommunication and frustration across the organization. Join us for this great discussion and strategy session about how to communicate across all generations more effectively.

Feb 7 – Attracting/Retaining Talent

Ever wondered why people decide to stay or go from an organization? This session discussion will dive into the top reasons employees of all generations leave their companies, what that’s costing companies who have unnecessary revolving door positions, and most importantly, what leaders can do about it. Participants will hear and discuss what key areas of the business that, when focused on and improved, provide higher retention rates and greater profitability for your company!

Feb 21 – Civic Engagement Across Generations

Times are changing and so is the way people get involved in their communities. This interactive session will bring to light volunteering trends as well as how generational dynamics currently play a role in shaping non-profit organizations and government initiatives in our local cities. Come discuss your questions, concerns and challenges as we work together to bring solutions to the table for a greater multi-generational community tomorrow.