Suzi Tipton, DISCOVER Class of 2017

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Suzi Tipton, DISCOVER Class of 2017

Suzi Tipton is the Sales Director at Derby Dinner Playhouse in Clarksville, IN, whose interest and knowledge for the region piqued during Economy Day, where the DISCOVER Class of 2017 toured businesses from the maritime industry to technology to small, local business.
Suzi’s favorite moments included watching the barge launch at Jeff Boat as well as the presentations held at Samtec. “I sat wide-eyed during the presentation from Techshot and talked nonstop for the next week about the amazing office space and HUGE touch screen at Samtec,” she said. “It’s amazing that we have a company right here in Southern Indiana that currently has equipment on the International Space Station,” she said, speaking of Techshot.
The final tour of the day was at River Ridge, learning of new business and jobs to the area, which will be more accessible with the opening of the new Lewis and Clark Bridge. “I personally found all of this information fascinating but put it to good use last week when I had dinner with friends,” she said, “One of the couples is looking to possibly move to Louisville from Portland, Oregon.  They had already heard all about Louisville, but I was able to give them a bigger picture of the entire region with everything I’d learned in my DISCOVER Class.  It was really important to the engineer, as she seemed a bit concerned about job opportunities coming from a market the size of Portland. The best part was the reaction from the people that live in Louisville – they had no idea that any of this existed!”