Leadership Southern Indiana


Leadership Southern Indiana is a non-profit organization whose mission is simple: Engage, develop and mobilize regional leaders who will serve and transform our community.

To transform our community, we need strong leaders. That’s where Leadership Southern Indiana comes in.

We offer four different programs, each designed to shape the person to become a more effective leader in their school, workplace, peers, and community. Our alumni range from high school students to elected government officials. Along with our programs, we offer events throughout the year such as workshops, networking events, and our Breakfast Series so members can continue learning and stay involved.



ELEVATE Application

This highly interactive and engaging development series is tailored for leaders seeking to enhance their leadership capabilities. Applications now open! Click the link below!

FOCUS Application

Is Leadership SI’s one-day snapshot of your community. This program is high-level view of many different sectors of our community including; Health and Wellness, Education, Government, Economic Development, History and Heritage, Tourism & Culture, and Leadership.Applications now open! Click the link below!

LeadershipSI Alumni, this could be you! Be entered to win a $50 Amazon gift card when you refer a friend to apply for the ELEVATE program by July 31st. Tag a friend who would be a great fit for the ELEVATE class of 2020 below! #leadershipsi #ELEVATE
“The Elevate Program was developed in the true spirit of leadership. Each class day allowed me to strengthen the personal and relationship mastery of the leadership profile. The tools, the experience and the genuine connections have greatly impacted both my personal and professional relationships allowing me to grow as a leader.” - 2019 ELEVATE Alumni Bridgett Hanlon
Apply for our ELEVATE class of 2020 today at the link in our bio.
Calling all #alumni ! We are hosting a fun event with @leadershiplouisville next Tuesday, July 9th from 5-7pm for alumni to celebrate and build connections. $25 per guest, members get in free! 
Register at the link in our bio ASAP!

Huge thanks to our sponsor @dmlocpas for supporting this event !!
Are you ready to #ELEVATE yourself? We are currently accepting applications for our ELEVATE class of 2020, which includes 1 mandatory retreat day and 6 program days full of personal and professional growth to better serve your businesses, community and selves. Tag a friend who may be interested!
We would like to take a moment to acknowledge the #DISCOVER and #ELEVATE classes of 2019 who graduated just under a month ago. 🎓Graduates, what did you find to be the most valuable piece of the program you were in? How have you practiced recognizing, understanding, and responding to your community's needs and opportunities since graduating? Tag a friend who you think might be interested in or benefit from the #DISCOVER and #ELEVATE programs!
#FeatureFriday: Meet our other Summer Intern - Meagan Swartwood. Meagan is going into her senior year at @BellarmineU, where she's studying Communications and Digital Art Technology. During her internship, she looks forward to working alongside @promediagrp to increase #LeadershipSI’s online presence. When she's not busy planning her next post, she enjoys skateboarding and playing with makeup.
#FeatureFriday: Meet one of our summers Interns - Taylor Garrison. Taylor is a Senior at @BellarmineU studying Psychology, with a minor in Communications. From this internship experience, she's looking forward to learning about and seeing first hand the behind the scenes of leadership development. She enjoys relaxing, spending time with friends, eating and traveling.
#TBT to celebrating our #NEXGEN Class of 2019 earlier this month. Excited to see what these enthusiastic leaders will do next! 🎓⠀
You can 👀 more pics over on Facebook.

If you would like to renew your membership to Leadership Southern Indiana, please click the button below:

If you would like to renew your membership to Leadership Southern Indiana, please click the button below: