Leadership Southern Indiana

The Endowment

In June of 2022, through the generosity of alumni and community organizations, Leadership Southern Indiana established an Endowment Fund in celebration of our 40th anniversary. This initial gift of over $40,000 will provide grants to support future leaders that may be unable to participate in our programing at regular tuition rates. If you would like to contribute to this fund, please click here to contribute, then "Give to a Fund" and select "Leadership Southern Indiana Endowment" within the Fund Info.

Last year we gave out over $5,000 in grants to offset tuition and while our current endowment will help offset some of that beginning in 2023, it will not cover all the need, so your gift is important to helping us reach 100% of the need in the future. To assist in our current efforts, please click here.

If you should have any questions on the Endowment or other opportunities to give, please contact Mark Eddy, our President/CEO at meddy@leadershipsi.org or 812-246-6574.