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Leadership Southern Indiana's Impact

Over the last 40 years, Leadership Southern Indiana has been the catalyst to train and empower leaders who understand current issues within the community, and know how to work together to address them. We are committed to developing present-day and future influencers through civic understanding, relationship building, collaborative leadership, and civic readiness. 

As the premier leadership organization of our region, our mission says it all. We engage, develop, and mobilize regional leaders to serve and transform our community.

Our board of directors embraces our mission and fosters the autonomy of our advisory board to oversee key endeavors. Our Impact Committee has been instrumental in building a process that will demonstrate our value to the region. Currently, a dashboard is being developed to best showcase how the community has benefited from these efforts. This report will be published and available each year at the Annual Meeting moving forward. For our latest Annual Report, click here.


"I graduated from the Leadership Southern Indiana program more than 20 years go and while the program has changed and grown, the premise is still the same. Develop the next generation of leaders by educating them about the region while building skills and lasting relationships. I have been able to gain clients for my business through networking opportunities that LSI offers and I continue to learn about what is possible for our region. The reemergence of the Alumni Council will help to keep us connected long after graduation."
Gretchen Mahaffey
Certified Financial Planner
Kentucky Financial Group
“Leadership Southern Indiana provided me the opportunity to learn about our region and people. Being from here, I was amazed at how much I didn’t know. LSI also provided me with long term connections within our community. I love being able to utilize my LSI connections and experiences in my day to day as we all strive to improve our region.”
Cory Cochran
Executive Director Riverhills Economic Development District
"Leadership Southern Indiana fills my cup! Daily, I find myself consumed in my career, volunteer activities, and family. Most days, I pour into everything and everyone else around me leaving my cup on empty. LSI's programming gives me the opportunity to stop and take time for me, because we can't pour from an empty cup! I'm grateful to LSI and their vast array of programming. Being able to pause, refuel, and invest in myself to be the best leader I can, has made the biggest difference in the daily roles I'm called to."
Emily Oliver-Jones
Executive Director Greater Clark Community Schools Education Foundation
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