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Since 1981, Leadership Southern Indiana has educated and trained over 2,000 community leaders to embrace our community through civic engagement and servant leadership.  Their contributions have helped shape community progress and development through Clark, Floyd, Scott Counties and the surrounding areas.

ELEVATE was introduced to Leadership SI’s suite of programs in 2013.  This highly interactive and engaging development series is tailored for leaders seeking to enhance their facilitative leadership capabilities. ELEVATE is the regional program to help you get to the next level in your professional and personal development! Learn executive level leadership skills as you network to help you become a stronger leader. Recognized community leaders pass on their wisdom as they mentor you in their areas of expertise. 

Available in flexible formats to fit individual needs, you can sign up for the one-year cohort experience or apply for one session at a time to fit your schedule. Invest in ELEVATE to transform your position as a boss into a true leader with your staff and within the community. 

The ELEVATE Experience

ELEVATE consists of six (6) core courses, as well as an opening retreat, access to our Lunch & Learn program day, and graduation ceremony. Delve deeper into your professional development and gain areas of expertise and insight into the core leadership areas. They can be taken as a Premier Cohort experience or on a single class basis (announcements coming soon). ELEVATE is designed to be flexible to build on those skills to fit within your busy schedule.

How Individuals Benefit

  • Self-Awareness & Skill Building: You can expect to gain a better understanding of your own personal leadership style while acquiring the knowledge, confidence, and tools to more effectively lead others.
  • Executive Coaching: You will receive both individual and team executive coaching through our partnership with the Oliver Group.
  • Connect with Community Leaders: You will connect with community leaders from both the public and private sectors who will both support and challenge you.
  • Grow Your Network: You will connect with more than 2,000 Leadership SI members to expand your own network.

How Benefits Your Organization:

  • Community Citizenship: Provides a meaningful way for your company to invest in the community.
  • Leader Development: Allows smaller companies access to top-quality leader development.
  • Branding: Allows participants to share with others insights about your organization.

Important Dates for ELEVATE 2023

  • August 23rd 2022 Is opening Retreat   Predictive Index

  • (Understand what motivates you and your peers with the Predictive Index. This tool helps leaders recognize their own motivations and drives. It can optimize their talents and relationships within their organization and the community.) Jacob McAllister with the Oliver Group

  • September 20th – Ethical Leadership (Creating the Common Good/The Basics of Ethical Leadership/Creating More Personal and Organizational Value/ What is Ethical Leadership?) with Josh Perry

  • October 11th 2022 – Creating Social Justice & Equity Through Collaboration (Effectively leading teams requires awareness of the skills and needs of others. This course will help you gain the collaborative skills you need to build community.  And organizational equity while supporting and driving social justice and change)  with Al Cornish

  • November 1st 2022 – Navigating Negotiation (Leading, and for that matter, following, doesn’t always mean one person gets their way. What techniques can you use to get a successful outcome? Explore the skills you need to achieve equitable outcomes for both parties. Learn tactics to advance your agenda without your ideals getting lost in the process. Create environments to foster win-win solutions.)

  • Dec 6th – Lunch & Learn (TBD)

  • January 24th 2023 Managing Up & Out: Vision & Influence ( Even if you’re not the boss, you don’t have to feel powerless! Learn ways you can impact your organization by aligning your goals with that of your department, your boss and your organization. Ways to create win-win situations that will make you and your boss look good! Leadership = Vision, Influence and Impact.) Dr. Erin Mires

  • March 14th 2023 Know Thyself: Leading with Emotional Intelligence  (As a leader, you’ve been recognized for skills and attributes. How aware are you of your own strengths and weaknesses? Increasingly your ability to lead will require you to understand your own personal style and how it relates to others.  Increase your emotional intelligence and adaptability as you elevate your team.) Anne Darku

  • April 25th 2023 – Performance Coaching for High Impact Teams

    (Coaching your team members is an art form that can elevate your team. Learn the difference between feedback and coaching to maximize your team’s performance. Use coaching to lead your team with high impact results.) Ken Groth

  • May 18th 2023 Graduation

Program Day Calendar for the Class of 2022 (August 2021-May 2022)

* Indicates a Premier Experience Course

January 6th, 2022          Do We Understand each other? Fundamentals of Communication*            
Instructor: Al Cornish

Colene Elridge

January 20th, 2022        Leading through Change: Everyday Inevitability                      
Instructor: Colene Elridge


Kenneth Groth

February 10th, 2022         Performance Coaching for High Impact Teams*                              
Instructor: Ken Groth,  American Commerical Barge Lines

February 24th, 2022      Safe Spaces for Fearless Conversations                                                    
Instructor: Erin Miles


March 3rd, 2022             Creating Social Justice & Equity through Collaboration*                 
Instructor: Al Cornish

March 17th, 2022          Ethical Leadership*.                                                                                        
Instructor: Josh Perry

April 7th, 2022                Navigating Up & Out: Vision & Influence                                                      
Instructor: Erin Miles


April 21st, 2022              Negotiation      
Instructor: Samtec

May 12th, 2022              Know Thyself: Leading with Emotional Intelligence                     
Instructor: Anne Darku

**If you need documentation or more information on how these trainings can be used to submit for continuing education (CEU) or professional development credit related to your industry/field please reach out to info@leadershipsi.org.

Please note:  All programs are either 8:30 am – noon or 12:30 pm – 4 pm. 

All classes are currently intended to be in-person.
***Dates are subject to change based on availability of facilitators.