Community Immersion, Personal Growth

Whether you’re new or native to the community, this 9-month DISCOVER program is a total immersion into the past, present and future of Southern Indiana. Take an in-depth look at the various facets of our community, create powerful, professional relationships and lifelong friends, explore how you can impact your region, and become a catalyst for positive change.

History & Heritage
Tourism & Culture
Health & Human Services
SIMSOC (simulated society)
Community Leadership

Applications for the DISCOVER Class of 2019 will be taken in the Spring of 2018

For questions, contact Director of Programs, Anne Gardner Darku at


Alumni Council — Get involved!

The Alumni Council’s mission is to increase alumni engagement and offer more opportunities to get alumni involved, through events like the Leadership Alumni Bash and yearly workshops! If you are interested in serving on the Alumni Council or have ideas on how to increase alumni engagement, email


LeadershipSI’s Board of Directors recognizes that over the years, certain individuals have contributed greatly to the success of our program.  To officially recognize these efforts, special awards have been bestowed on the following alumni.  This award is presented at the Annual Meeting.

Honorees are:
2017: Bekki Jo Schneider
2016: Rita Hudson Shourds
2015: Roger Fisher
2014: Ronald F. Barnes
2013: Cile Blau
2009: Dale Moss
2005: David Pulliam
2004: Charles Ridenour
2002: Barbara Anderson
2000: Fay Allen
1998:  John “Jack” Vissing
1997: James Keith
1997: George N. Lane
1993: Mike Waiz

In 1992, Leadership Southern Indiana created this award to recognize alumni who:

  • sacrificially give of their time and talents as a volunteer in the community
  • project a positive presence on a personal, professional and community level
  • provide servant leadership through involvement and contributions that improve the quality of life in our community

LeadershipSI alumni have the opportunity to make nominations for this prestigious award, which is presented each year at the Annual Meeting.

Honorees are:
2017: Danielle Archer
2016: M. Diane Murphy
2015: John “Jack” Vissing
2014: Donna K. Riley
2013: Christine Harbeson
2010: Frank Heinz
2009: Martin Padgett
2008: Vern Eswine
2007: James Becker
2006: Charles Reisert, Jr.
2005: Roger Fisher
2004: Cindy Kanning
2003: John Hartstern
2002: Joyce Brown
2001: Ron Barnes
2000: Susan Miller
1999: Ron McKulick
1998: Barbara Williams
1997: Sharon Kleehamer
1996: Phyllis Garmon
1995: Cecile Blau
1994: Fred Hale
1992: Ken Peters

In 2016, Leadership Southern Indiana created this award to recognize a young individual who has demonstrated a commitment to excellence and innovation both professionally and within their community service.  The individual will live the mission of Leadership Southern Indiana by being an actively engage leader and impact the community through ethical leadership.  This annual award will be bestowed upon one young professional between the ages of 22 – 40 who lives or works in Southern Indiana.

Honorees are
2017: Jill Peden
2016: Beth Keeney

In 2013, this award was created to recognize volunteers who added value to the organization through their time and commitment.  This award is selected by the LeadershipSI staff.

Honorees are:
2017: Ruth Heideman
2016: Heidi Neal
2015: Matt Neely
2014: Kyra McCormick
2013: Blayr Barnard, Scott Carr, Staci Marshall, Mary Springer & Kenton Wooden